Channel Portal

Channel Portal

Give connected audiences the content they’ve been waiting for.

The Channel Portal allows you to build a viewer destination based on a family of channels that’s accessible from a single EPG number or via a link from an existing channel.

Your audience has a choice of three to nine channels within a carousel.

You can select a stream to play on arrival, which can be delivered via IP.

Single Channel

Single Channel

Connecting with the Freeview and freesat audience just got easier – and more cost effective.

The Single Channel service gives audiences a rich TV experience. Viewers access the Single Channel just like any other broadcast channel - by selecting the channel from the EPG or by selecting the channel number from the remote.

The viewer is presented with a full screen picture and they can view information such as programme name, start/end time and a synopsis - all of which are displayed in a mini-overlay.


Hybrid Stream

A new way to broadcast around-the-clock on Freeview.

The Hybrid Channel is a cost effective route to a 24 hour presence on Freeview and freesat.

Arqiva’s managed integration of content delivery uses Connect TV’s dynamic path-switching technology to automatically switch between broadcast IP streaming - enabling you to match method of content delivery to audience growth and viewing behaviour.



Use two types of links to go from one stream to another linear stream or portal.

  1. A single link to one destination (such as 'Red Button').
  2. A link that provides a menu of links to multiple locations (such as 'Menu key').

Reporting & Analytics

Connect TV offers simple, regular reports and analytics, which are built to meet your needs and can include areas of interest such as: dwell times; navigation and even regional breakdowns.



Meet the demand for paid content.

We can support a range of pay services - subscription, pay-per-view and transaction-based services - all from the same platform and backed with a wealth of analytical data.