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What are Connect TV channels?

Connect TV is the new service from Arqiva that delivers TV channels over the internet to compatible Freeview HD televisions and set-top boxes (STBs). These channels can be accessed through the Freeview EPG and look like other standard definition channels. These channels can also be launched from within an existing Freeview channel via a red button link.

What TV channels are delivered in this way?

There are two ways of discovering channels delivered via Connect TV. If it is a purely internet delivered channel then it will appear in the Freeview EPG from channels 225 to 299 inclusive. The channel may be selected via direct channel number entry or from within the EPG. Examples can be found from channel 225 onwards.
(Note, not all of these services are provided by Connect TV)

If the channel is launched via a red button then you will first need to select the ‘home’ broadcast channel from the Freeview EPG or its channel number. Examples of red button services include 4Music at Freeview channel 18, QVC Beauty at channel 35, and Russia Today at channel 85.

The number of services delivered by Connect TV is being updated constantly so please visit the ‘Who we work with’ section of our website for more information.

What technical standards are used to deliver these channels?

These channels are delivered using the MHEG-Interaction Channel Streaming (MHEG-ICS) specification as detailed within the Digital Terrestrial Group (DTG) D Book standard. The first version of the standard to introduce MHEG-ICS capability was D Book 6.2.1 in 2011. The latest version of the D Book standard is D Book 7.

What kind of devices can receive these channels?

To receive these services you need a device (TV, set top box, or Blu-Ray player) that must conform to the Freeview HD specification. This will be identified by a logo on the front of a set-top box or Blu-Ray player and within the accompanying literature for a TV set as shown below.


Devices only carrying the Freeview logo without the ‘HD’ part are NOT compatible with Connect TV services.
If your device can receive the HD channels at channel 101-105 then it is Freeview HD compatible.

The next criteria for a Freeview HD TV, STB or Blu-Ray player to be compatible with Connect TV services is that it must conform to the Digital Terrestrial Group (DTG) D Book 6.2.1 or later. D Book 6.2.1 was introduced in 2011, so devices must be manufactured at least from 2011 or later, however the rate at which manufacturers introduced models according to that specification means there is a mix of compliant and non-compliant devices available in the market. Most new devices manufactured from 2012 onwards should be compatible.

What do I need to do to make my device ‘connected’?

First of all you need to ensure that your compliant TV or STB is tuned in to the UK digital terrestrial TV network. You also need to ensure that your compliant TV or STB is connected to your in-home broadband network via either an Ethernet cable or WiFi (some newer TVs are supplied with in-built WiFi capability). The broadband connection should be capable of sustaining at least 2Mbit/sec to the TV or STB. Please note that other internet bandwidth consuming devices in the home may reduce the available bandwidth to the TV or STB. 

How can I check if my TV or set-top box supports these channels?

Check in the EPG if you can see channels listed against channel numbers 225 onward. Select one of these channels and allow up to 30 seconds for graphics and video to load and start playing.

If you see a message on screen advising you to connect to the internet to receive these channels then either your TV or STB is not connected to the internet (check you internet connection) or the TV / STB is not compatible with these services.

Why can't I see the these channels in the EPG?

Ensure that your TV or STB has been re-tuned / re-scanned to show the latest Freeview channel line-up. If you still cannot see the channels in the EPG and your device is compatible please contact the device manufacturer.

What devices are compatible with Connect TV?

Compatible set top boxes:

Humax HDR2000T
Logik L1HSTB12
Echostar HDT610R
Panasonic DMR-HWT230EB, DMR-HWT130EB, DMRBWT735, DMRPWT635 (note: due to large internal memory buffers on these devices, the streams may not start until about 30-40 seconds after tuning to an IP channel)
View21 VW107ZRH50W (can be slow to start streaming)
Goodmans GV102ZRH50 (can be slow to start streaming)
Bush 320GB HDR
Hitachi 500GB HDR
Samsung BD-F8500 / BD-F8900

Older (non-available) STBs:

Samsung E7500
Sony SVRHDT500
Digital Stream DHR8203U

Samsung TV model numbers

Samsung Freeview HD TVs identified by the model number system below.

UE**F - - - (e.g. UE32F5000), UE**EH6 - - - and UE**EH8 - - - series where ** is the screen size in inches and - - - - is a sequence of alphanumeric characters.

Please note some UE**F4000 models are not Freeview HD devices and UE-**EH5 - - - series are not compatible

Sony TV model numbers

Models from 2012 onwards

KDL32HX753, KDL22EX553, KDL-42EX443, KDL-32EX343, KDL-46R473A, KDL-40R473A, KDL-32R423A and KDL-W**** variants

Panasonic TV models

Model numbers that end in 5B / 5BTS / 6B / 60B / 60BTS / 61B for example TXL42X60BT / TXL42DT60BTS.

LG TV models

Most LG TVs from 2012 and 2013 onwards should be compatible.

What about non-compatible devices?

Devices not capable of supporting these channels will display a static screen when tuning to such a channel, showing the channel title and will not launch any MHEG-ICS delivered content.

Channels triggered from a red button within an existing broadcast channel will not display the red button and broadcast content is viewed as normal.

This will explain why some viewers may not see Connect TV channels on a specific TV in the home or when comparing to a neighbour’s TV.

What devices are known to not work with these channels?

Some devices may be blocked from receiving Connect TV channels for different reasons;

  • The device dates from before 2011 and so will not support MHEG-ICS services.
  • The MHEG-ICS service is delivered with AES video encryption. In which case devices from before approximately mid-2011 will not support encrypted channels but may support non-encrypted channels.
  • YouView devices that do not support MHEG-ICS services.

Why doesn’t my YouView set-top box support these channels?

YouView does not support MHEG-ICS therefore you will not be able to watch channels delivered via the Connect TV service.

Why can I only see some of the Connect TV channels?

This may be down to the device (usually this will be an older 2011 device) not supporting the encrypted video standard required on some channels.

Some services are delivered via subscription and the subscription process for that channel may need to be completed before access to live video is possible.

How do I access subscription channels?

In the case of subscription channels, the subscription account and payment is managed by the specific TV channel itself. You will need to need to follow the access details, which are available on the TV screen and – usually - the accompanying channel website.

Why do I get error messages when attempting to access Connect TV channels?

Whilst tuning in to or receiving these channels you may see error and help messages on the TV screen such as (explanation in brackets):

  • Unable to connect. (The internet connection may be lost or the device is not capable of supporting the streaming of video in this way)
  • Please wait. Loading Stream. (The connection to the video servers is being made and streaming will start shortly).
  • Restarting system. (The connection has automatically been reset and the channel will shortly reload)

Why does my TV seem to ‘freeze’ when watching a Connect TV channel?

If the Back or Exit buttons do not work on the remote control then press channel up or channel down to navigate away from the channel, then return to the channel if required.

Where is the ‘BACK’ button on my remote control?

Buttons may be labelled Back, Return, Exit or use a symbol of an arrow looping back over itself, to indicate the functionality.

Can Connect TV channels be recorded?

The recording of MHEG-ICS channels is not supported by the Freeview HD standard.

Are the channels broadcast in high-definition (HD) or standard-definition (SD)?

Currently Connect TV channels are delivered in standard definition. It is possible that HD services may go live in the future. These would require a faster broadband connection.

Will watching Connect TV channels count towards the bandwidth quota of my contract with my ISP?

Yes. You should check your data usage monthly limits but our content is about the same as watching TV or video on BBC iPlayer (c 1.5 Mbps). As a rough guide, watching an hour of standard definition TV will use about 550MB of download capacity. An unlimited broadband usage contract with your ISP is recommended.

Is Connect TV collecting my personal data?

You can find out more about this by reading our Privacy Policy

How do I get Motors TV (and other streaming channels) on my TV?

  • You need a Freeview HD TV or set top box (device)
  • It must be HD device not a non-HD Freeview device. If you can receive BBC1 HD on channel 101 then it is a Freeview HD device.
  • It must be connected to the internet via either a cable back to your home router or some new TVs have in-built WiFi that can also connect. Follow your manufacturer instructions on how to do this.
  • Retune your TV or STB as if you are installing new channels to ensure you have the latest listings in the programme guide.
    • Once re-tuned select Motors TV on channel 240. It may take up to 30seconds to start streaming. If you see a message on screen saying ‘your device is not compatible’ or ‘service loading please wait’ which does not clear after about 30 seconds then your TV or STB is unfortunately not compatible with these services. Arqiva are constantly working to open up access to as many devices as possible but some older TVs and STBs may not conform to the necessary requirements to receive these channels.

I have checked and my TV doesn’t stream these channels. What do I need to buy?

  • Buy a new TV with internet capability from Samsung, LG, Sony or Panasonic. The current ones in the shops should all be able to support these services.
  • Or buy a new Freeview +HD personal video recorder to use alongside your existing TV. Models available to buy today that are known to work are:
    • Humax HDR-2000T
    • Echostar HDT610
  • Or buy a new BluRay Recorder with inbuilt Freeview HD receiver. The recommended model is:
    • Samsung BD-F8500M